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Selling with Presence

Why sell with presence?

Great presence is the differentiator in a business environment awash with choice. In this program, you will learn skills and behaviors that will enable you to navigate with confidence and poise different selling environments, including:

  • Meeting a prospective buyer for the first time
  • Presenting an insight or recommendation to a buyer
  • Uncovering details and information about your buyers’ needs
  • Helping your buyers problem solve
  • Dealing with conflict.

Presentation Presence

Why present with presence?

In a commoditized world where little if any product differentiation exists for any length of time, YOU are often the difference in whether the buyer chooses your solution or your competitor’s. During a sales presentation, your goal is to inspire, influence and motivate a buyer into action. 

What’s in it for you? 

Whatever the size of your buyer audience, there are universally applicable skills and behaviors that will help increase the impact of your presentations. In this presenting with presence workshop you will enhance your ability to make excellent presentations so that they include stimulating intellectual material and have stimulating emotional import.

Whether you are seeking to educate buyers on new ideas and opportunities, offer thought-provoking or paradigm-shifting views or opinions, or present a product or solution, this program will help you enhance your ability to:

  • Connect with the buyer audience

  • Ensure your presentation resonates with your buyer

  • Have a ‘vertical takeoff’ every time

  • Use stories and data to support your key points

  • Influence, inspire and persuade your buyers


This program is available virtually, live and in a blended format. Sales Pro Blasts are available as ninety minute,  half day or full day events. Please contact us to discuss what’s best for you.

Team Finals Presence

Why team finals presence?

Whether you are presenting to an existing or a prospective client, the finals presentation can feel like a pressured situation. So, the notion of showing a poise and ease, relaxed alertness and a conversational tone in front of a group of people who are there to judge you can feel like a big ask. Maybe this is your first finals presentation of the year, so all you want to do is get through your piece without messing up! However, a reality is that the greater the feeling of togetherness, trust, support and warmth aka psychological safety on your team, the more likely you are to feel present and confident.

What’s in it for you?

  • Enhance team cohesiveness during finals presentations (including transitions from one person to the next)
  • Use personalized introductions to make a strong first impression
  • Learn and practice team presentation best practices
  • Enhance your presentation presence (body language, inflection, pauses, etc.)
  • Use storytelling to increase the impact of your presentation
  • Engage the buying group (asking/answering questions, memorable moments, encouraging participation)


This program is available live and in a blended format. It is available as a half, one-day or two-day program.

Buyer Meeting Facilitation

Why buyer meeting facilitation?

As the meeting facilitator, sales professionals are in a powerful position to create a meeting dynamic that, ideally, is collaborative and open, encouraging a transparent exchange of opinions, ideas, hopes, and fears. 

What’s in it for you?

This program will help you build your facilitator skillset to more successfully manage different buyer meeting types, including:

  • Discovery Meetings

  • Presentation Meetings – Insight, Education or Solution

  • Problem-Solving

  • Conflict Resolution

You will learn to:

  • Create an environment of collaboration and creativity in a problem-solving meeting

  • Remain curious and avoid presenting solutions during a discovery meeting

  • Stay calm and and be oriented toward a  win-win when navigating a conflict resolution meeting

  • Be inspiring and persuasive when presenting an insight or solution during a presentation


This program is available virtually, live and in a blended format. Sales Pro Blasts are available as  ninety minute,  half day or full day events. Please contact us to discuss what’s best for you.

All the World’s a Stage: Selling Lessons from Theatre

Why Selling Lessons from Theatre?

A sales professional must generate strong feelings in her audience if she hopes to motivate them to change.

What’s in it for you?

This program will help you to :

  • Use personal stories as a sales professional’s tool to inspire and connect deeply with your buyers to achieve a desired outcome

  • Develop skills to inspire and connect with others.

  • Develop storytelling skills to impart important business points in a compelling and engaging manner.

  • Improve ability to coach colleagues and team members.


This program is available as a half day or full day, large group facilitator lead program.

Strengths Focused Coaching

Strengths Focused Coaching (SFC) helps you help others remove the obstacles to their greatness.  Focusing on strengths makes it possible to get people to vastly improve their performances without having to criticize them.  Participants in this program learn to help their coachees feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired to try new things by first helping them focus on their strengths.

What’s in it for you?

You will learn

  • How to use your presence to create a psychologically safe learning environment.
  • How to apply the ACME Framework of coaching: Attentive, Caring, Motivational, Effective
  • How to coach to strengths
  • How to create learning experiments for your coachees that challenge their immunity to change


This program is only available live in half day to two-day format