As a sales leader if you have committed to spending more time coaching your people, use the following approach to help them perform at their best.

According to a Forbes article,  one of the top four reasons sales people quit is they don’t have a coach or a mentor.It is possible to get people to vastly improve their performances without having to criticize them.  People feel encouraged and safe to try new things when we first help them begin to notice what is working for them. They can focus for a moment on the positive, they can feel good about what they have already accomplished, and this feeling often inspires them to want to do more and be better.

The coaching formula is:

  • ENDORSE Be Authentic and Specific

Example: “When you were smiling and looking right at me at the beginning of your presentation, it made me feel that you were sincere and that I was important.”

  • POSITIVE Ask coachee what he or she thinks went well. (Insist on the positive)

            Example: “What did you notice that you did well?”

  • PERMISSION Ask for permission to offer your coaching…

Example: “Would it be okay if I give you some feedback?  (Stay positive by building on what you liked.)

  • ENGAGE coachee in the coaching process by asking,

Example: “What do you think of those ideas?  Is there anything you would like to try to do differently?”

  • SUGGEST Make specific suggestions for one or maximum two things to focus on and let them try it again.

 Examples: “I want more of that. Where might you do more of that big  expressiveness?” Ask “what do you want to try to do differently?” Or you could say, “Why don’t you try this…” 

Don’t forget to support your use of the coaching formula with a supportive and encouraging presence.