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According to research completed over the past five years, by 2020 customer experience (CX) will be the single most influential factor for consumers as they make the decision to support one brand over another.

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Eighty percent of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services.

2018 State of Connected Customers

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This is a wonderful book for sales professionals as well as those professionals in positions having the ability to influence others (managers, SME’s, etc.). I found this an enjoyable, quick read with plenty of tips and relevant pointers. I especially loved the chapter on facilitation skills. How many of your sales meetings go exactly as scripted? Darn near NONE is the answer. Having facilitation skills, setting meeting expectations, getting everyone’s voice in the room, challenging and expanding dissatisfaction/questions, and navigating times of uncertainty is where value is added. These (facilitation) skills many sales professionals do not practice. We all have work to do and I clearly have some in social media presence. Great information in this book. Thank you Reggie!

Sean Shingler

Reggie is a pro! So much experience, great storytelling, and easy to apply tips and resources!

Christina Olex

I love how straightforward this book is and have already recommended it to several colleagues. Each concept is laid out with examples and then a roadmap for the reader’s next steps to sell with presence.

Susan B.

This was a fantastic book & a brilliant read. Reggie provided a great balance between theoretical framework and applicable knowledge which he has gained through his own experience selling. I loved the honesty of Reggie’s stories which ensures this book focuses on selling the right way.

5/5 would recommend to any sales professional or sales team! Whether you’re a seasoned sales veteran or starting out on your sales journey, this book will add value to your current skill set.

Adam McDonagh

Athena Healthcare

There are too many books that tell you what to do but fall short on the how. This book provides both. I appreciate the pages dedicated to practice. Selling, like anything else in business, is a skill. And like any other essential business skill, it takes a long time to hone it. The exercises in the book are particularly helpful and a great reminder about what it takes to sell well.

Lou Bergholz

Super helpful read. This book offers sales professionals great tips on what great PRESENCE is and is not. The book teaches you ways to enhance your presence through stories from author’s own selling experiences + gives practical advice + skill building exercises. This book will definitely help you stay one step ahead of the competition and reach your sales targets! Highly recommend for the newbie + seasoned sales professional alike.

Aidan Lapatine