You know how access to information has shifted power away from sales professionals to the buyer? What we do is help sales professionals maximize their impact through having great presence. We get a real kick out of helping sales professionals take their performance to the next level.

“Being average isn’t good enough anymore. You need to be better than the rest. A lot better.”

Online Self-Directed

We offer modularized online presence training modules, so you can develop your sales presence at your own pace.


Virtual Training

For busy virtual sales team members, we offer instructor-lead virtual classroom presence workshops.


Instructor Lead Classroom

We offer instructor lead live classroom presence training. Learn and practice your sales presence skills in a live, dynamic and fun environment.


Coaching Program

Focusing on strengths makes it possible to get people to vastly improve their performances without having to criticize them.



Reggie Pearse will present a dynamic, engaging and interactive keynote at your next meeting or sales kickoff.

Recent Blogs

SwP: Be a Leader When Things Go Wrong

The first sign of trouble was an engine noise I’d never heard before. Second, was the flashing low oil pressure warning signal. And third, when I’d reached home at a cautious crawl, was the oil patch on my driveway. My wife Amy and I had gone for a couple’s oil change...

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SwP: Breathing as a Stress Reducer

So, you have an upcoming high-pressure team presentation? Perhaps you’re putting yourself under pressure to get business closed before the end of the month or you’re managing, day-to-day, a full portfolio of existing clients? These can be stress inducing periods of...

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Team Presentations: Body Language and Emotional Congruency

written by Amy Goldfarb During an audition for an improv comedy troupe in the 80’s I learned an activity called “jump emotions”.  The challenge was to use my full body and voice to jump from one emotion to another without changing the topic on which I was speaking. ...

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